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TravTour iTV is an online travel channel that promotes tourism destinations of this world with an aim to bring the rich heritage and culture of the global community on 3W’s newly. It uses state-of-the-art technology that helps Tourism boards, Destinations, Hotels, Resorts, Airlines, Cruise Liners, Spa and other allied service providers to aggressively market their offerings amongst the business, leisure, adventure, health and wellness tourism related target audience alike.TravTour iTV with its global presence through dedicated website and strongest social media channels is first of its own kind online platform to showcase International destinations to global travellers.

By generating the awareness on the worldwide destinations - ideal for Business Tourism, MICE Tourism, Golf Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Pilgrimage Tourism, Eco Tourism etc., - TravTour iTV keeps the worldwide travellers updated on the various facets of tourism like no other.It provides iTV solutions to the featuring destinations and stimulates the travellers’ confidence-to-travel to the unexplored yet beautiful destinations of the world.

How TravTour iTV benefits :

  • TravTour ITV offers the latest and reliable technology to showcase archived videos with high quality audio worldwide at the minimal cost. Offer starts from INR 100 per day.
  • TravTour ITV enhances communication strategy with high quality video on the web/mobile for online advertising and marketing campaigns.

USP’s of TravTour iTV :

  • Available on a dedicated tourism website
  • Email blast to more than 17,000 DMC’s, PCO’s, travel agents and tour operators worldwide.
  • Promotional campaign through dedicated ‘WHATSAPP’.
  • Strong presence on the social media platforms i.e.

Why Choose Our TravTour iTV

Minimal cost

TravTour iTV’s introductory marketing offer starts from as low as INR 100 per day.

Video advertising

It’s an age of video advertising which is self explanatory to customers.


The most powerful marketing tactics are used by our dedicated official WHATSAPP number.

Dedicated Webpage

TravTour iTV has its own webpage attracting thousands of viewers every day.

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