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Mumbai is the city that never sleeps! Fast, Pulsating, Alive, Always on the Move, Vibrant, Fun -- this is what Mumbai is all about. Apart from being the Financial Capital of India, this most modern city of India represents an entity with thriving markets, corporate houses, numerous Five Star hotels and many different communities reflecting a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. Its official language is Marathi. However English and Hindi are widely spoken and understood. Mumbai is a shopper's delight with bargain buys, exclusive boutiques, markets and mini bazaars offering lip-smacking choices of Mumbai's specialty Pao Bhaji, Bhel Puri and Kababs. Mumbai produces the largest number of films in the world being the seat of the Hindi film industry. Mumbai through its sporting activities, nightclubs, pubs, theatres, beaches and restaurants represents a European atmosphere although Indian culture is steeped in the heart of the city.