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Shri Baijnath Jyotirlinga, Palampur

Shri Baijnath Jyotirlinga, Palampur

Shri Baijnath Jyotirlinga, in Himachal Pradesh, is nestled amidst the exquisite hill station of Palampur. My solo visit in July 2016 to the sanctum sanctorum left me speechless with its heavenly location. 

But the most amazing facts about the destination elaborated by the Mahant Surendracharya of Shri Baijnath Jyotirlinga kept me tight-lipped for almost 45 minutes. That day actually tested my knowledge about Indian destinations. I found myself in kindergarten once again. Here I share some insights received that day for my worldwide readers : Fast facts of Shri Baijnath Jyotirlinga :

 1. The depth of Holy Shivlinga is more than 85 feet and the Shivlinga keeps getting bigger in round shape as you go deep down to the origin. (But not visible to devotees). 

2. This is the only Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva where he is sitting with his wife Goddess Parvati. 

3. This is the only #Jyotirlinga (out of 12) of Lord Shiva which newly-weds can visit and worship together for blessings.

 4. The temple was made by #Pandavas during their one year exile. 

 5. The temple is a carbon copy of Kedarnath Temple in Uttarakhand. 

6. Dussehra i.e ‘the tradition of burning idol of Raavan’ is not celebrated in this area. 

 7. Raavan performed ‘Yagna’ here and was blessed with ‘Shivlinga’ which is established in Devghar, Jharkhand nowadays. 

8. The ‘Yagnakund’ made by Ravan can gather everything except for rain water. 

9. This hill station is famous for picturesque view, amazing weather, lush green Tea Gardens and ‘Ksheer Ganga’ (Milky white Ganges) 

10. The trade of ornaments has never been successful here. How to reach : By Air Nearest Airport - Gaggal Airport approximately 54 kms Delhi - Kangra regular flights are available By Train Nearest Rail Connect - Kangra Junction approximately 48 kms Delhi-Kangra regular trains are available By Road Around 500 Kms from Delhi. Very well connected.