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Tourism Professional Of The Month

Tourism Professional Of The Month

When it comes to talking about female entrepreneurs in India, it’s hard to Ms. Sanya Bhatia. Born and raised seeing her father running a Grocery Shop. Despite being from a non-Business background, Ms. Bhatia always had aspirations to be a successful entrepreneur.  She is a firm Believer of "The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”  

Moment of inspiration

Sanya boasts of having a total professional working experience of around 12 years. Having initially worked in the Software industry, Ms. Bhatia shifted her career to the Tourism industry before finally deciding to start her own company.

Notable success

The story of Ms. Bhatia as well as her Company's growth is phenomenal. Starting her own Venture(D'Travel Across) in 2016 was a great step forward. Unlike many other competitors, the company's growth in the few years was remarkable and its reaching new Heights every year. Her Mantra for Success is to be always transparent towards customers and rather than focusing on immediate profits Sanya tries to build an empire with satisfied customers.


D' TRAVEL ACROSS PRIVATE LIMITED is a committed company based in Delhi from last 10 years, Directors Mr. Mohit Virmani & Ms. Sanya Bhatia has launched there flagship office In Dubai -             D AcrossTourism LLC ( UAE 🇦🇪).  There specialty includes visa facilitation and fleets, excursions as they have in-house fleets and offers immense variety of tour services.

 Ms. Sanya Bhatia takes care of Sales & Marketing for the company. She firmly believes that one needs to be operationally strong to capture the market. She has set a perfect example of proverb "Your actions speak louder than your words".

 D'TRAVEL ACROSS Pvt Ltd & D Across Tourism LLC is the most promising choice for travellers. The company's future goal is to add more fleets and infrastructure in Dubai for discerning worldwide travellers.