India MICE Awards

India MICE Awards - an annual mega event with pan-India participation from MICE tourism players - is organised by TravTour MICE Guide. After having successfully established itself as a premier publication on MICE segment of India, TravTour MICE has started this unique endeavour to encourage and recognise the outstanding contributors to the MICE industry.

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TravTour MICE

TravTour MICE is a publication with international participations and contents providing information on MICE segment of our travel and tourism industry targeting the MICE planners worldwide. TravTour MICE is a unique endeavour to promote all stake holders working within Indian Travel & Tourism Industry globally.

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TravTour ITV

TravTour iTV is an online travel channel that promotes tourism destinations of this world with an aim to bring the rich heritage and culture of the global community on 3W’s newly. It uses state-of-the-art technology that helps Tourism boards, Destinations, Hotels, Resorts, Airlines, Cruise Liners, Spa and other allied service

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Welcome To TravTour India

TravTour India has already established itself as a leading tourism marketing company. With over two decades of rich experience in the travel and tourism industry, TravTour India boasts of providing its clients with array of professional services across all three platforms i.e. a MICE Tourism magazine – TravTour MICE – available in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian languages ; an event management company handling end to end solutions for corporate events and an online platform – TravTour iTV – for Tourism boards, Hotels, Resorts, Airlines, Cruise Liners, other allied service providers as well as business, leisure, adventure, health or wellness tourism related global travellers.

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Annual Awards



The year 2023 has witnessed tremendous growth in inbound tourism in India. The industry now leads towards greater hopes and heights. This year the MICE tourism business has paved the way for creating a superlative roadmap for a brighter future. The launches of world class convention centres like Bharat Mandapam and Yashobhoomi in the capital city of New Delhi will attract the international MICE companies to India. However, we need to market our destinations and venues to the global audiences. TravTour MICE Guide team covers and represents Indian MICE tourism players and their USP’s across various domestic and international shows to generate awareness on Indian MICE offerings to the global MICE market. The magazine is going to cover the travel trade shows like World Travel Market, London in November 2023. It's time to look forward now and make our India, incredible again.

Arvind Sharma

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher

Upcoming Events


8th annual India MICE Awards

8th annual India MICE Awards will take place in PUNE in February 2024.


9th annual India MICE Awards

9th annual India MICE Awards will take place in New Delhi in September 2024.